ViewersLogic provides deterministic Single-Source data which draws a direct line between media spend and consumers’ actions and enables brands to optimize their entire media plan.


ViewersLogic helps brands answer the significant marketing questions that drive sales:

1. Which parts of the media buy impacts engagement and sales?

​Understand which marketing activities drive sales

We monitor all media exposure of an individual (TV, website, apps) and all resulting actions both online and offline (website visits, store visits, purchases etc.), enabling brands, to understand the actual contribution each channel, or combination of channels,  makes to sales.

This deterministic data enables brands to confidently optimise the budget allocation across the different marketing channels and optimise ROI.

Regardless of your media or channel mix ViewersLogic gives you a complete picture of your consumers journey to purchase.

2. What conversion does TV drive online and offline?
Understand the conversion that TV drives online (site visits and app usage ) and offline (store visits) in the immediate, medium and long term.

We collect 24/7, second-by-second TV viewing data (channels, content, ads) as well as online usage and store visits for each individual.

ViewersLogic’s dashboard enables brands to compare performance of three attribution windows: 5-min, 1-day and 1-week. This reveals the true conversion cost of every channel / daypart / day of week / creative etc.

Our deterministic data shows that less than 1% of website traffic comes within 5 minutes of seeing a TV advert. Our extended attribution window captures the value of branding and brand awareness.

This data enables brands to optimise their TV budgets and allocate them to the best channels / dayparts etc.

3. How does TV impact online marketing performance including Search and Facebook?
Go beyond ‘last-click’ attribution and get a fuller understanding of the user journey and the different marketing messages each individual was exposed to.

By looking at all the marketing messages to which an individual was exposed, both on TV and online, ViewersLogic can understand the cross-media effect of the different marketing channels and get a better understanding of channel effectiveness. For example, when a user clicks on a Facebook ad, instead of giving Facebook 100% attribution, ViewersLogic is able to see that THE SAME user was exposed to 3 TV ads, 2 online ads and an email from the company before purchasing the product. Our deterministic data reveals the true insight showing that, for example, people who click on a Google ad, on average see twice as many TV ads than people who did not click on such an ad. By going beyond the distorted view of last-click models, brands are able to understand the true performance of every channel and split their budgets in the optimal way between the different marketing channels.

4. What is the optimal frequency of linear TV in order to drive engagement/ conversion?

Understand what is the optimal frequency of your TV campaigns.

By looking at longer attribution windows, ViewersLogic is able to see how many TV ads users saw before performing an action. The ViewersLogic attribution model, takes frequency into consideration when looking at the effect of different TV channels.

Frequency is one of the most important parameters in TV advertising but it is currently impossible to say what should be the optimal frequency for each campaign.

If the frequency is too high, companies waste money and are at risk of alienating their potential customers. On the other hand, if the frequency is too low, the campaign may not reach the required threshold to have a real effect.

Using ViewersLogic, brands can now find the optimal frequency for each campaign and and improve the campaign’s performance.

5. How does the TV campaign effectiveness compare to the competition?

Look at the effectiveness of your competitors’ TV campaigns and compare it to your own performance.

ViewersLogic measures the interaction of the panellists with all brands 24/7 as well as their TV ads viewed and is able to measure the success of EVERY TV campaign without any integration with the client.

Brands can, for the first time, learn from the successes and mistakes of their competitors to improve their own campaign.

ViewersLogic is the only provider of passively collected single source consumer data – We measure everything an individual sees, searches and buys, across TV, online and offline.

No surveys / no data fusion / no probabilistic models – Data you can trust!

How we do it: Data we collect

tv viewing data:

Channel Viewed / Ads viewed / PVR / VOD / In-house location

behaviour data:

Apps installed and used / Sites visited / Items browsed / Online purchases / Search activity / Online ads viewed / Social data


Location / store visits
/ Offline purchases



ViewersLogic is the first to offer pure Single source data; measuring individual consumers behaviour and media consumption across TV, online and offline. 


Sophisticated AI analyses over two billion datapoints daily to reveal the complete journey to purchase of your customers and those of your competitors.


Actionable insights with real business impact, enabling brands to optimise cross-media campaigns.